• Cretic's CT equipment is manned by a team of professional and experienced CT personnel.
  • A complete suite of coiled tubing services greatly improves logistics, reduces cost and delivers exceptional customer experiences.
  • By utilizing a mast unit design, which combines the capabilities of up to six units into four, the overall lease footprint is reduced.
  • Real-time data monitoring allows clients the ability to monitor multiple projects from a single location and make concurrent, informed decisions.
  • Cretic's  specialized mast unit improves onsite safety:
    • The elimination of a crane to support the injector minimizes the risk of critical lift operations,
    • The elimination of a full-time crane operator reduces the potential of human error,
    • The location of the unit controls allow for safe operation and better visibility,
    • Overall greater resistance to wind forces by utilizing a mast unit instead of a crane.
  • Cretic Energy Services is focused on providing an Exceptional Client Experience, enhancing the operational efficiency and productivity of oil and gas producers.

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