Engineered Fluids

Maximize completion efficiency by combining the best of large coil and engineered fluid solutions. Complete your wells faster and with less risk with Cretic Energy Services.

Slash your completions time and enjoy a full producing wellbore on both your typical and most challenging wells. Higher AV’s, more turbulence, and high performance fluid properties designed to give you a cleaner wellbore.  

Combine our engineered fluids philosophy with the weight, torque, flow allowed by our Cretic Commander®. Together, achieve less friction and circulating pressures down to the deepest parts of your well. Enjoy better control and efficiency on all of your well projects.

Select Cretic and be assured that you have the team and expertise with the most advanced completion fluid capabilities in the industry.

  • Trained engineers and fluid coordinators focused only on your fluids program
  • Multiple agitator tank mixing volume
  • Engineered fluids solutions customized to tackle all well challenges
  • Ongoing, real time data broadcast platform, putting more eyes on the job
  • Controlled, metered chemical mixing rates displayed to analyze fluid treatments
  • Fluid system recommendation, treatment loading projections, and cost projections