2 5/8" Cretic Commander®

 The Cretic Commander® Coiled Tubing System helps our customers:

  • Confidently select a coiled tubing system that completes the challenges of today and tomorrow

  • Service wells faster, more thoroughly, and with less risk

  • Slash completion time and allow a full producing wellbore, all the way to bottom

Our large diameter, extended reach, pad optimized approach delivers:

More weight, flow, torque, length, and fluid turbulence allowing you superior control, more power, and less liability when servicing wellbores of today and tomorrow.


Command Center

  • Centralized “electric over hydraulic” computers controls - improves performance and safety
  • Job data and camera surveillance of equipment and location recorded and available
  • Cretic Data CAP (CT Analytic Platform) allows for more channels, alerts, and live job log/monitoring to customers
  • Stand-alone deck engine and wet kit to reduce noise and eliminate regeneration issues
  • Spacious room and comfortable working environment for Cretic team, 3rd party, and well site supervisor

High Capacity Reel Trailer

  • 2 5/8" Capacity - 22,500 ft.
  • 2 3/8" Capacity - 25,500 ft.
  • 2 7/8" Capacity - 18,000 ft.
  • High Capacity Injector Head – 130k Injector head
  • 15k PSI pressure control equipment
  • Rapid deployment spool launcher

Dual Fluid Pump

  • Twin Cat C18 840 HP engines
  • Dual quintuplex high capacity pumps
  • Integrated mixing, controlled & metered chemical injection
  • Full remote operations from Command Center


Our goal is to safely provide an exceptional client experience using focused engineering and new generation coiled tubing technology.  We provide our select clients with more assurance, more control, and less liability on both typical and the most challenging wellbores.

Learn more about how Cretic Energy Services can help for your specific project.